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LeaP is an adaptive learning tool that builds personalized learning paths for students. It determines and recommends the most effective content per learning objective, guiding students through content that adapts to their personal strengths and weaknesses as they interact with the tool.

LeaP creates learning paths based on course-specific, standard, or school-specific learning objectives. It uses content taken from the course to teach the objectives, and questions exported from the Question Bank to assess mastery of the objectives.

Incorporating learning paths into your course

You can use LeaP in different ways:

  • As a primary source of learning  You can create modules to be personalized learning paths with LeaP. In this case, you do not enable pre-tests, and all students are initially presented with a default learning path to review like a typical content module. Personalization begins once students take their first test.
  • As review/test preparation  You can include LeaP as the last item in a static content module, so that students can review and check their understanding of the material in the module.
  • As remediation  You can direct students to LeaP when they are having problems. In this case, you may find it helpful to enable pre-tests and hiding the mastered content to ensure that LeaP is delivering content only for the objectives the student is having trouble with.

Instructor topics

How do I set up learning paths for the first time?

How do I manage existing learning paths?

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