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Capture enables you to view CaptureCast presentations as part of course content. If you are a user with access to Capture Portal, you can access live webcast presentations with your computer or mobile device, look for scheduled live events from the Capture Calendar page, interact with other attendees and presenters through chat, and view presentations on-demand after past live events and offline recordings are published. If you are a Learning Environment user, you can view live events and on-demand CaptureCast presentations in your course content.

How do I participate in CaptureCast presentations?

Instructor topics

Capture comprises a set of webcasting tools that enable you to create, record, and publish CaptureCast presentations. CaptureCast presentation formats are a combination of media from camera, microphone, and computer sources. As a presenter, you can schedule an event, webcast to an audience in real-time, interact with attendees through chat and publish it later for on-demand viewing.

What are the components of Capture?

How do I use Capture?

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